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Biennale di Venezia 2009 -Making Worlds- Exibition 53 International Art. 53 Bienal de Venezia.2009

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Trata de YouTube – Victory over the Future – Pavel Pepperstein – artist presentation

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Victory over the Future. Manifesto del Retrofuturismo.

-Ship depot in huge Head Buddha. Build in 2066.

-El Lissisky Airport in Perm,2102.

-Express highway in Sri-Lanka, 2115 year.

-The World Center of the Culture of islam (build in The Judean desert in 2118).

-«The Great Egg of Easter»The World Center of the Russian Orthodox Theologie Murom, 2124.

-Icone on the Moon. In the year 2144 the icone was replaced on the Moon for the Earth Within it’s miraculous and helpfull wiew.

-The planet «MIrror» in the year 2158 astronms of the Earth discovered The new planet in our galaxi. They call it «Mirror»- al the planet is covered with level of the black metan ice absolutelly smooth surface with high reflecting qualities. In the year 2210 expedition of the Earth had landed on the planet bud all the astronauts got the unknown desiese and nobody came back home.

-«The Red-Black Star» multifuncional bridge in Perm, the year 2201.

-The Bridge in form of Black Square, Kazachstan, 2031.

-The hopuses in form of (so called) «nucler mashroom» will became fasionable around 2280.

-The fliying Moniment of Lao-Tze on The Cloud. Over the Waterfall south of Chine, 2330.

-The Great Red Flag, 2500.

-«The Eye Arch» under Orinoco Lake, erected in the year 2515.

-The red Cube. In the year 2555 the huge building of the Government of The Earth has been erected in TThe Centerr of The Pacific ocean.

-The intergallaxi terminal «Mandala of Ying-Yang». 2700.

-Communist spared station «Jupiter». erected in the year 2737.


YouTube – Victory over the Future – Pavel Pepperstein – artist presentation

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